Why some Dutch automotive marketers should look more closely at their website

The website of an automotive brand is one of its most important tools to inform prospective buyers. There is undeniable correlation between the website traffic of a car brand and the number of customers a dealer can expect in the showroom. The importance makes brand owners invest significant parts of the marketing budget in their website. The majority of automotive brands use a European or even global internet platform for their corporate website. This is a proved method to create synergy and efficiencies of scale, while a local marketer can still give a local twist to a country website. If a brand cherishes a-think-global-act-local strategy, this is important And certainly in Europe with 51  countries and even more languages.

When you are a website manager or a team that is responsible for the website of car brand in a country such as the Netherlands, the work you do is like keeping shop. You are trying to give visitors an excellent experience of the brand, news, special offers and give them an optimal web experience. I am confident that most Dutch automotive website managers have the best intentions with what they are doing. And that the website they host is looking good to them, but the unfortunate truth is that their website sometimes does not look that good to their consumers. This is because their consumers are using a different internet browser. The result is brand damage and loss of leads.

Mogotest is a webtool that tests a website in multiple browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. It instantly detects errors and suggests solutions. Here you find a brief video explaining the tool.

I ran Mogotest for a couple of websites of leading automotive brands in The Netherlands. The result was staggering. One of the brands had as much as 18 dead links on its homepage. No language was set, which influences the SEO performance of the site in a negative way.

There is no doubt this brand loses leads when a consumer is surfing the site to learn more about the features of a car and ends up with blank page saying ERROR 404. A large amount of dead links in a website is referred to as linkrot.

Is it the believe of the marketers of this car brand that the brand’s central marketing team should take care of the linkrot or is it they just do not know the problem exists? Whatever the reason is, they have a big opportunity to instantly improve the performance of their website. And as website performance is directly linked to showroom visit, it is a great opportunity to directly increase their sales.

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