Who will deliver the first self-driving car?

Self-Driving CarAccording to the infographic of Dashburst, the first self-driving car will be delivered in 2017. That’s less than 4 years from now. What are the promisses of car brands themselves? One brand bets at 2020, another at 2016. What can we expect and from whom?

Nissan announced that the company will be ready with multiple, commercially-viable Autonomous Drive vehicles in 2020. Last Friday they announced that a special edition of the Nissan Leaf, one that drives autonomously, is now on the public road in Japan. Nissans CEO Carlos Ghosn says that testing the self-driving car on a public road is crucial for their goal. The licence plate made this goal very clear: it says 20-20.

Although Nissan claims to be the frontrunner when it comes to autonomous driving technology, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla delivered press information about self-driving cars as well last weeks. In their information brochure of the IAA, Mercedes stated to be the first with their self-driving car on urban roads: this happened in August 2013. This is just before Nissan let their first autonomous driving car on the road in Japan. What makes this achievement of Mercedes special is that it was realised not through the application of extremely expensive special technology, but by means of production-based technology of the kind already available today in their new E- and S-Class vehicles. When these cars will be on the market, is something Mercedes didn’t say anything about.

Tesla Motors has confirmed their autonomous car self-driving plan for 2016. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has confirmed the company is developing an “auto-pilot” mode to be unveiled in 2016 (or so) that isn’t fully autonomous driving. Elon Musk: “My opinion is it’s a bridge too far to go to fully autonomous cars. It’s incredibly hard to get the last few per cent.” Instead of fully autonomous cars, the goal is “We should be able to do 90 per cent of miles driven within three years,” Musk said.

With Tesla going for the 90 per cent, Nissan for 2020 and Mercedes-Benz for not betting at all, it’s clear that a lot is going on about this topic these days. This are just three brands, so what could be going on at all the other headquarters? We’re just very curious and excited which brand will make it really happen: that first car in which we just can relax, read a book, do some work and arrive safely at our destination.

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