What Pinterest, the newest kid on the block in social media, tells us about cars.

Pinterest is the newest kid on the block in social media. Marketers are anxious to add this platform to their social media activities. Jessica Meher of the inbound marketing blog Hubspot summed up the six compelling reasons why marketers should use Pinterest. One of the reasons  is that Pinterest is a great tool to find out What Your Audience Loves. She writes: Pinterest is a great place to discover trends. From marketing to fashion and beyond, you can discover what people love to share. You can follow your followers to see what inspires them. This gives you an opportunity to understand what’s hot today and use that information to position your own offers and products. I would imagine that, down the line, Pinterest will eventually make it easy to see trending data in specific categories.

And indeed ….  when you look at the Pinterest page of cars, you see a moodboard of the cool cars, exhilarating designs and great photography. Between all those one photo of a car immediately got my attention. It is a picture of a widely recognized uncool car of a long forgotten brand. The Morris Marina. A rather unsuccessful car in the seventies that symbolizes for many the fall of British Leyland Motors. What on earth is it doing on the Pinterest car page? Or is the Morris Marina symbolizing a trend car marketers are not yet aware of. Ideas are welcome!

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  1. One of the things you see with Social Media like Tumblr and Pinterest is the fine collections of old advertisements. Next to that, there is a noticable trend where people try to find the heritage of all kinds of products. We have seen this within fashion for quite some time now (Levi’s Vintage Clothing, Nigel Cabourn Jackets, Engineered Garmetns, just to name a few), and this trend is is now influencing other segments as well.

    However this isn’t something completely new, people loved Oldtimer cars from the early 1930’s in the 70’s, and now the cars you remember as new British rubbish, are actually icons for the next generation. And Pinterest is just another medium on which people share these icons. Great for finding inspiration, an sometimes a great research tool.

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