What we want from future cars

cars of tomorrowAutoScout24 did an interesting survey about the cars Europeans want in the future. What do we expect from our future mobility machines? What are the most important factors for the cars of tomorrow? 

Auto Scout 24 states that “The car of tomorrow is as much a challenge as it is an opportunity. The car has become increasingly notorious for being a climate killer in recent years and stigmatized as an expression of irresponsible individualism. Yet, at the same time, it still continues to represent progress and development. Customers in China, India and South America will want even more cars in the future. If cars are part of the climate issue, they must inevitably also form part of the solution in future.” It would be great if the cars of tomorrow will play a big and important role in global challenges like climate change and sustainability, but maybe the wishes of consumers are even more important.

cars of tomorrowJust like last year, AutoScout24 asked 8,800 participants in seven European countries about what they expect from the cars of the future. What they find was that despite all contrary assumptions, people of Europe consider that the car will be an important part of their way of life in the future as well. Those surveyed in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands attach great importance to the car when it comes to organizing their daily routine and ensuring personal mobility. More than a third of people in these countries even consider mobility by car a fundamental right (38.2 percent).

Using a car is increasingly being viewed separately from owning one, however. Almost a quarter of people can envisage resorting to rental offers for particular purposes. 

The report concludes with the finding that people’s expectations of the vehicle of the future are mainly characterized by thoughts of safety (see also the graph above). Factors such as environmental friendliness, comfort, cost and driving enjoyment take a back seat in comparison. At the same time, open-mindedness toward future technologies such as autopilot does vary according to the respondents’ situation in life. The possibility of using the autopilot to save energy and money as well as to increase safety seems to convince those surveyed. The Auto Scout 24 survey also clearly shows that it is not just the younger age group that is interested in having a fast Internet connection in the car; although the expectations vary, the majority agreed that networked automobility will give rise to new possibilities in freedom and mobility.

What are the most important factors of the cars of tomorrow for you?

Interested in reading more? Check out the full report.

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