Twizy rules the French Riviera

Twizy rules the French Riviera

How effective is flirting out of an electric car? Well, at first, women didn’t found the little urban vehicles very attractive  (“…and then he flirted with me out of an electric smart!”). This summer, the French Riviera is experiencing the opposite. The Avant-garde at the French beach has discovered the conspicuous design of the Renault Twizy and the ease of recharging this car.

More and more Twizy’s are driving along the beaches and through the trendiest seaside resorts on the French Riviera. A cinch to park and a snap to recharge, the easy-to-handle vehicle is perfect for zipping to the beach, boutique hopping or going out in the evening alone or as a couple.

The newest thing is a customized Twizy in the colors of the town of Saint Tropez. Thirty local merchants and major brands symbolizing Saint Tropez received the keys to their Twizy on July 1 in the presence of the mayor, who has made a commitment to sustainable mobility. Thirty Twizy vehicles featuring the colors of the renowned resort and the logo of Renaults partners are now bringing a bold and breezy look to local streets.

This new trend on the French Riviera is also making waves in the Paris region. The Renault Z.E. center, which offers a unique opportunity to test drive the brand’s zero-emission vehicles, is also donning seaside colors. People in the Paris area will be able to try out Twizy in a chic, summer ambience at the center’s test track.

It’s funny how the Avant-garde and big-name merchants still determine what’s hot or not. In the case of electric mobility we think this is a great fact. If clean vehicles becomes the coolest thing, the future of mobility is almost there.

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