Time for Tesla to go advertising?

teslaIn the last years, Tesla has shifted from a niche car brand to a premium car brand. Their sales increase from 111.94 Million in 2009 to 2.01 Billion in 2013 illustrates that shift.

A niche car brand, like Tesla was, doesn’t often use mass communication to promote their products. That’s also why the Superbowl ad of Maserati gave so much surprise to viewers and experts.

However, Tesla still doesn’t spend a dime on paid advertising. Therefore, a group of recent college graduates decided to make a video spot for the electric car brand anyway. The spot, which depicts a little boy who gets into the driver’s seat of the Tesla in his garage and imagines he’s piloting a spaceship, got them a meeting with Tesla CEO Elon Musk in January.

Tesla recently posted the ad on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts (a 15-second cut was rendered for the latter). Mr. Musk also tweeted out the video last week.

While Everdream wasn’t paid for the work, Mr. Musk also hinted at a future collaboration on Twitter. In response to someone who asked whether Tesla was planning on hiring the recent graduates, he wrote, “Yes, I’m confident that Tesla will do something with them.”

Seems like a great move from the recent graduates of Everdream! What do you think: is it time for Tesla to promote their cars and create some advertising?


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