Top 10 biggest global car brands 2013

car brands 2013For brand managers around the world the beginning of October marks the release of the Interbrand Best Global Brands report. The list has been compiled since 2000 on an annual basis by brand consultancy firm Interbrand. It identifies and examines the top 100 most valuable global brands. This year Apple claims the top position, Google jumps to #2 and Coca-Cola, the brand that held the #1 position for 13 consecutive years, moves to #3. But what about the car brands in this list?

Let’s first of all examine what it takes for a company to get its brand name in the list. Interbrand’s Best Global Brands is an ISO certified methodology and it analyzes the many ways a brand benefits an organization, from delivering on customer expectations to driving economic value. When determining the top 100 most valuable global brands, Interbrand examines three key aspects that contribute to a brand’s value:

  • The financial performance of the branded products or service
  • The role the brand plays in influencing consumer choice
  • The strength the brand has to command a premium price or secure earnings for the company

Last week the PR teams of Nissan and Kia Motors jumped on the release of the list to claim the fact that they are in it. Nissan for instance issued a release headed: Nissan Named One of the Best Global Brands for 2013. But what are the high flying car brands according to Interbrand? To answer this question we took all car brands from the Interbrand list and compared the recorded brand values from 2000 to 2013. The graph below shows the result.

Car Brands 2013

The top 3 is Toyota, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Toyota is the world’s favorite car brand since 2004, but the graph shows that the two German brands have closed that gap. Toyota’s drop in 2010 was by no doubt a result of the brand’s problem with the unintended acceleration of its cars at that time. The brand value of the top 3 is in the range from 30,000 to 40,000 $m.

No. 4 in the list is Honda and they seem to have a permanent claim on this spot. The calculated brand value of Honda in position 4 is 18,490 $. There is a big gap in brand value between the top 3, Honda and the other brands in the list, Ferrari, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Lexus, Nissan, Porsche and new entrant Chevrolet. Their brand value is typically no more than 10,000 $m. Exception to this ‘rule’ is Volkswagen, which breaks the 10,000 $m brand value barrier for the first time in 13 years of the existence of the list.

No other than highly remarkable is the fall of the brand name Ford. In 2000 by far the world’s most valuable brand name in automotive, today they are, with an estimated brand value of 9,181 $m,  one of brands in the pack trailing Toyota, Mercedes and BMW.

The complete list of the 13 car brand in the top 100 looks like this

Car Brand Value (m$) Overall position
1 Toyota 35,3460 10
2 Mercedes-Benz 31,9040 11
3 BMW 31,8390 12
4 Honda 18,4900 20
5 Volkswagen 11,1200 34
6 Ford 9,1810 42
7 Hyundai 9,0040 43
8 Audi 7,7670 51
9 Porsche 6,4710 64
10 Nissan 6,2030 65
11 Kia 4,7080 83
12 Chevrolet 4,5780 89
13 Ferrari 4,0130 98

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