The future of the Automotive Industry?

Future of the Automotive IndustryIt’s true, nobody knows a 100% exactly what the future of the automotive industry will look like. Though we have some hopeful expectations, none of us is a fortuneteller and can say it for sure. But we have to admit that Steven Hughes from Dashburst could be close in being one.
He made an infographic about the future of the automotive industry. He explores what kind of developments in car technology there could be in the coming years. His infographic journey starts, not suprisingly, in 2013.

  • In this year we’ve seen the implementation of adaptive cruise control. Adaptive cruise control is similar to traditional cruise control by maintaining a vehicle’s pre-set speed. However, with adaptive cruise control the car’s speed is automatically adjusted to maintain a safe distance between other vehicles in the same lane.
  • In 2014, Dashburst is expecting embedded 4g wireless in cars after this service is already available in airplanes.
  • 2015 is the year of Hydrogen Power. Asian carmakers reported their investigation in this technique and are expecting the first car in 2015. Hydrogen powered cars deliver “unlimited” range not shared by today’s electric car. So no long battery charging times, hydrogen powered cars can be refueled on the go.
  • In 2016, Dashburst is expecting battery control technology. While Japan is betting on hydrogen power, the U.S.A will focus fully on the electric vehicle and therefore will come with a smart battery package.
  • 2017 could be the year where it’s all going to happen: the self-driving car. Using a mobile communication platform, cars will be able to receive and transmit to other motorist’s dangerous road conditions and traffic. Therefore, Autonomous Driving is much safer than today’s traffic.
  • Last but not least: in 2018 internet radio will be the only way of listening music while driving. Will Spotify or Pandora deliver this service? Maybe, but rumor has it that car brands are developing their own radio system as well…

What are you expectations about the future of the automotive industry? Do you think this infographic shows a timeline that could become reality? Or do you think some features that are not presented in the infographic will absolutely be developed in the coming years?

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