The automotive industry has a lot to gain in e-mail marketing

The automotive industry has a lot to gain in e-mail marketing

In the automotive industry in the Netherlands there is a lot to be gained by actively communicating with clients and prospects. At least according to Emailmonday’s Jordie van Rijn who examined the email marketing of 19 different car brands from the Dutch Automotive Industry. He researched e-mails from car brands during one year and classified the contents on 84 criteria. The items measured where a.o. send time, frequency, send day, subject line, from address, calls to actions, Pre-header usage, imagery, social media integration, personalization , opt out procedures, sender reputation and sender IP.

Of the 19 brands researched, five did not send any newsletter after subscribing to their list. Chevrolet, BMW, Hyundai, Renault, Ford en Land Rover were mailing every month, approximately one third sent less than one e-mail every two months. Most brands seem to forget that it is important to have a rather high frequency in sending e-mails. If potential car buyers receive a first e-mail only after three months, by then, they may have bought a new car already. A hot lead gone to waste or worse: gone to the competition.

Another issue was that the car brands do not seem to use the opportunity to create personalized offers. Brands do not ask for any additional information, when you subscribe to a newsletter (or ever after). This prevents the possibility to create personalized offers.

A preview or the full report can be downloaded from

Why is the Dutch automotive industry lagging behind others? You might find the answer in the way companies are structured. You can read my analysis why it is hard to create personalized offers in automotive in this article:

The results of this research prove one thing for sure: The car brand that takes the lead in actively communicating with its fans and prospective buyers can create a huge leap forward.

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