Your target audience not on social media? Doesn’t matter!

Social MediaThe question whether to use or not to use social media for marketing purposes could  be based on the question “what if my consumers aren’t on social media?”

In his article ‘Youthification. It’s a Word Now.’ Gary Vaynerchuk states that his knee-jerk’s reaction to this question is “Then you shouldn’t be there.” But he continues that it’s more likely that you’re just wrong. He explaines that your target audience doesn’t have to be directly influenced by marketing on social media: indirect influence is still influence. He gives an example of people of the age of 80-90 that maybe aren’t active on social media, but their children of 50 who often make choices for them are.  And if their children of 50 aren’t on social media, than their kids are and influence their parents in the choices they make. This is, according to Vaynerchuck, very different from 20 years ago when it was the other way around.So the conclusion that follows is that it doesn’t matter if your target audience is using social media or not, because they’ll be influenced by the people around them anyway.

So in our case, or the case of car brands, using social media for your marketing strategy is definitely an option. For example the use of Snapchat like the car brand Acura did. Although we think that our target audience isn’t using all these social media platforms, how do we now for sure that they’re not being influenced by their environment?

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