How to create a top-notch Digital Marketing Platform?

Visiting car dealership. Handsome bearded man is stroking his new car and smilingDo you really need a marketing software platform such as Adobe, Marketo, Oracle or Salesforce? Or are there better solutions? Read this article and find out within five minutes.

The art of marketing is continuously evolving. In the coming weeks I will present you a series of articles about Marketing Technology or in short MarTech. What is it? What does it do? And what do I have to do with it?

The last week we explained What every marketer should know about Marketing Stacks but doesn’t dare to ask (link to the previous post). Now that you know how the new marketing technology landscape will put you in the driver seat, let’s zoom in. How do you build a top-notch Digital Marketing Platform? Continue reading

How to target affluent fans

target affluent fans

There is one thing all luxury brands have in common: When they communicate in traditional mass media to interest new prospects for their products, the message is also received by a lot of consumers who will never be in the position to buy that product. Mass media, such as TV, offer by nature limited possibilities for very specific audience selection. The variables for selection are limited to for instance age group, sex or time slot.

That is why a luxury brand needs a different marketing communication strategy to bring in new affluent customers? Jaguar now tries a mobile one to target affluent fans. …Continue reading

Cadillac tests rich media ads with up to 2.38pc CTR

Cadillac ATS mobile screen shot










In the automotive industry in Europe, where click-thru-rates (CTR) as low as 0,1 percent, are not uncommon, this case by Cadillac might interest you. The luxury car brand recently tested several formats of rich media mobile ads around the launch of the new Cadillac ATS. Click-through rates were reaching up to 2.38 percent. Continue reading here for the full report by Mobile Marketer.

Renault show their muscle and increase media spending by 67,9% in Q1 2012, are they?

In the Dutch market the media spending by some automotive brands seem to explode. Adfact reports that the overall total mediaspendings in the first quarter in automotive were 17,5% higher than in 2011. In total the automotive brands spent 87 m Euro in gross media value …Continue reading