Car sales April 2013: Economic recovery or BMW no longer premium?


If a premium brand gains 11 percent for the year through April, maybe it’s time to state economic recovery. Certainly for Mercedes, which extends lead over BMW in the U.S. with this gain last month. In the Netherlands though, economic recovery is not really a fact. To say the least. Therefore BMW attracts attention with a gain of 10 percent in April. What happened here? Is BMW no longer a premium luxury brand but the brand-of-choice in an economic downturn? …Continue reading

Who will become market leader in EV’s in the Netherlands?

Traditionally car marketers looked at a fixed set of variables to define market sub segments. These are length and  body type. E.g. A segment are small cars, C-segments are the compacts, etc. Within these segments there are segments of different body types. Hatchbacks, SUV’s, coupes etc …Continue reading