Marketing Technology – outsourcing your MarTech stack

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Pros and cons of outsourcing MarTechThe marketing profession is changing constantly. This is episode 5 in a series about MarTech (short for Marketing Technology). In the previous articles we looked at: What is MarTech exactly? What can you do with it? And how can you ensure that your technology functions properly? As a marketing team, you can no longer do without MarTech. In addition to creativity and project planning, marketing now has a third component: technology. The digital tools that marketers use do not stand alone; a set of digital tools to plan and run marketing programs as effectively and efficiently as possible in different channels is called a marketing stack. In my previous post we saw that for a medium-sized marketing team of 10-30 employees, outsourcing the development and continuous improvement of your marketing stack can be a real advantage. The motto here: “Let marketers be marketers again”. But what are the real advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing? Continue reading

Marketing Technology – Let marketers be marketers again.

Who is responsible for marketing technology in your team?

marketers having fun working togetherThe marketing profession is constantly changing. This is part 4 in a series of articles about Marketing Technology, also abbreviated to MarTech. In the previous articles, we looked at what a MarTech stack is and whether there is any value in it for a marketing department. This time we take it a little further:

Congratulations! You as a marketing director or manager have made the decision. You and your team want to get started with a MarTech stack. Or better, you’re going to ‘stack’. But who is going to do it? The whole team, you, a single employee? Or are other solutions possible? Continue reading

What every marketer should know about Marketing Stacks but doesn’t dare to ask.

A 5-minute read and know how a Marketing Stack gives you a competitive edge.

Happy cheerful marketerThe art of marketing is continuously progressing. In the coming weeks I will present you a series of articles about Marketing Technology or in short MarTech. But what is it exactly? What does it do? And what do I have to do with it?
A new perspective on marketing for medium size businesses. This week I am covering what seems to be the latest trend: MarTech stacks.

A marketing technology stack; What is it anyway?
In the past decade marketing and technology have become more and more related. They went together so well, that they have become inseparable by now.
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