Vitas Kersbergen – My Point of View

My Point of ViewLearning from others is a way to improve your own business. Different points of view from different marketers can inspire you to become an even better marketer. Therefore, Marketing in Automotive brings you short interviews with marketers from varied branches. In what kind of business are they involved? What inspires them? And what kind of focus do they use in their marketing? Take a look, read and get inspired!

Vitas Kersbergen – Sales & Marketing GreenSeat

1.       What did you do before?

In my previous function at Climate Neutral Group I was Carbon Advisor. I assisted organisations like ANWB and Asito to become climate neutral or offer climate neutral products and services. …Continue Reading

Why some Dutch automotive marketers should look more closely at their website

The website of an automotive brand is one of its most important tools to inform prospective buyers. There is undeniable correlation between the website traffic of a car brand and the number of customers a dealer can expect in the showroom …Continue reading