The adoption of electric cars

Fisker Karma Mondial Paris 2013When a new technology appears on the scene, such as electric vehicles, there is almost always the question why it isn’t adopted quickly. Again, such as seems the case now with the adoption of electric cars.

General theory on adoption shows that the rate of adoption is depending on various factors. “The rate of adoption usually starts slow, accelerates until about 50% of the community has adopted the technology, then decelerates, eventually approaching zero, as nearly everyone in the community has adopted the technology.” …Continue reading

And now for something new: VW T5 Camper Van by Doubleback

Gadget site Gizmodo posts this innovative Camper Van today. The driving leisure home is based on a Volkswagen T5 Transporter van. The Doubleback extension features a soft pop-up roof tent that allows you to stand inside, but it’s been further equipped for camping duties with an extending pod that adds an extra six and a half feet of living space inside. The interior of the pod is equipped with a large bed, but it can be folded down so the space can be also used for other activities.