New cars online much cheaper than at dealerships, a surprise?

Autohaus24 de rabatt display ad“New cars online much cheaper than at dealerships”, that is the heading of today’s main article in the leading Dutch magazine and website for online business, marketing and media, Emerce.
They quote a research by the German ADAC, who compared 12 consumer portals, where Germans can buy a car online. The researchers collected offers to buy a Fiat, Opel, VW, BMW and a Nissan. At online portals the average discount was 16% compared to the MSRP. At the dealerships the potential buyers just received around 11% discount.
If there is on average 16% discount on the websites, there must be a brand offering even higher discounts. If you dig into the research report, you can read that offered € 10520 or 31.3% discount on a Nissan Qashqai and 24.5% or € 4221 on an Opel Corsa. …Continue reading

Web radio in your car

In car web radio

In car web radio

Today Harman announced a web radio receiver which will be offered by Honda and Subaru. It is not a sexy looking piece of electronics.However it is the first step to OEM offering integrated web radio services. With the rise of Spotify these days, makes you wonder why no manufacturer is offering in-care Spotify reception yet.

Aha Radio partners with Subaru and Honda, brings social media to 2013…