Changing media landscape challenges automotive brand management

Dashboard and brands STAD marketing in automotive 1810132Developing the brand is a board room priority for every car manufacturer. In the headquarters of the global car manufacturers, CMO’s, vice presidents branding and brand strategy executives are all continuously busy with smart and well thought out plans to increase the value of the brand they are responsible for. The Interbrand Global brand top 100 lists 13 car brands among the hundred most recognized brands in the world. To enter such an exclusive list, a consistent brand strategy is a prerequisite. …Continue reading

Top 10 biggest global car brands 2013

car brands 2013For brand managers around the world the beginning of October marks the release of the Interbrand Best Global Brands report. The list has been compiled since 2000 on an annual basis by brand consultancy firm Interbrand. It identifies and examines the top 100 most valuable global brands. This year Apple claims the top position, Google jumps to #2 and Coca-Cola, the brand that held the #1 position for 13 consecutive years, moves to #3. But what about the car brands in this list? …Continue reading

Partnership of the Day: Infiniti meets Fashion Designers

Infiniti fashion designersA car brand who partners with a fashion designer is maybe not the most obvious collaboration you can think of. But Infiniti went for it! For a special look and feel of their Q50 they asked two famous fashion designers: Zac Posen and Thom Browne. Posen dresses some of today’s hottest celebrities, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Rihanna, and now got the chance, together with his “colleague” Browne, to “dress up a car” instead of famous people. …Continue reading

New Apps for BMW

New Apps for BMW

In our search for new developments in the automotive industry, BMW turns out to be one of the more progressive car brands. This time, BMW expands its Apps option for the Apple iPhone.
The latest partners offering BMW-approved Apps include Deezer (subscription music service), Napster by Rhapsody (subscription music service), TuneIn (Internet radio), Audible (downloadable audio books and other spoken-word content) and Glympse (temporary location sharing in real-time). These new services will broaden the flexibility and usability of the industry’s leading smartphone integration solution, according to BMW. …Continue reading

Why some Dutch automotive marketers should look more closely at their website

The website of an automotive brand is one of its most important tools to inform prospective buyers. There is undeniable correlation between the website traffic of a car brand and the number of customers a dealer can expect in the showroom …Continue reading