Lexus Partners with Tony Hawk Foundation – Partnership of the Day

 Lexus Partners with Tony Hawk Foundation

Together with the Tony Hawk Foundation, Lexus will participate in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 30 in Colorado Springs. Professional driver Ken Gushi, will be at the wheel of the Lexus IS F CCS-R for this motor sports race. The Lexus sedan will have a special finishing touch since the names of fans will be visible on the car.. …Continue reading

Joint promotions, a powerful marketing tool

Mercedes Zalando Joint PromotionFrom the early days on car marketers use joint activities with other brands. Joint marketing activities or better joint promotions are a powerful marketing tool. The type and content of the joint activity can vary, but all have common traits. One of the elements that applies to all joint promotions, is that the parties collaborating have their own unique role. …Continue reading

Digital Tools and social media

Digital Tools and social media

Sharing articles, pictures or quotes on social media is a common way of keeping your likers and followers informed about your company. However, with an enormous variety of social media platforms, this is a hard to manage job if you want to post content on every platform on the right day and the right time. Furthermore, you don’t want your followers to get annoyed by too much content in a short amount of time.  …Continue reading

Why electric cars are like smart phones

Electric cars charging in Amsterdam
Selling electric cars in the same way as mobile phones could boost sales, says Simon Donohue in the Telegraph. In his article he draws parallels between the marketing practices of mobile phone companies and operators and car manufacturers. He heads the article with “Why electric cars could be sold like phones”. The popular answer might be: because they can! However, the parallel between EVs and smart phones does not stop when the sale is done. …Continue reading

Digital tools and crowdsourcing


With new kinds of platforms and tools in the digital world, we are able to do and create things in a way we couldn’t in the past. Crowdsourcing, for example, is a method to make use of all the creativity that is out there. Maybe we’re used to a way of working where only one agency works together with a client, but the digital world enable us to invent new ways of working together.

A nice example of a digital tool for crowdsourcing is a platform called 99designs. …Continue reading

Cadillac tests rich media ads with up to 2.38pc CTR

Cadillac ATS mobile screen shot










In the automotive industry in Europe, where click-thru-rates (CTR) as low as 0,1 percent, are not uncommon, this case by Cadillac might interest you. The luxury car brand recently tested several formats of rich media mobile ads around the launch of the new Cadillac ATS. Click-through rates were reaching up to 2.38 percent. Continue reading here for the full report by Mobile Marketer.

Renault show their muscle and increase media spending by 67,9% in Q1 2012, are they?

In the Dutch market the media spending by some automotive brands seem to explode. Adfact reports that the overall total mediaspendings in the first quarter in automotive were 17,5% higher than in 2011. In total the automotive brands spent 87 m Euro in gross media value …Continue reading

Who will become market leader in EV’s in the Netherlands?

Traditionally car marketers looked at a fixed set of variables to define market sub segments. These are length and  body type. E.g. A segment are small cars, C-segments are the compacts, etc. Within these segments there are segments of different body types. Hatchbacks, SUV’s, coupes etc …Continue reading

Auto Industry Should Align Search and Display Campaigns and Even More

The blog for marketing resource management specialists,, presents an article with its interpretation of a recent study by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). They point out that car makers should integrate their search and display online ad campaigns to boost customer conversions Continue reading

What Pinterest, the newest kid on the block in social media, tells us about cars.

Pinterest is the newest kid on the block in social media. Marketers are anxious to add this platform to their social media activities. Jessica Meher of the inbound marketing blog Hubspot summed up the six compelling reasons why marketers should use Pinterest …Continue reading

Is automotive the toughest industry to create personalized offers with mobile and social?

The leading Dutch marketing blog Marketingfacts quotes a report by Gartner which says “Predicts 2012: Retailers Turn to Personalized Offers Through Mobile and Social but Will Struggle With Multichannel Execution”. How true is that for the automotive sector!

In the report Mim Burt, research director of Gartner, explains that executing cross-channel strategies will prove challenging, because retailers need to cope with siloed business processes …Continue reading

Automotive media spendings plus 18% in the Netherlands

De media spendings in the automotive sector have risen by 18% in the Netherlands in 2011 compared to 2010. The increase was caused by Renault (+51%), Volkswagen (+40%), Kia (+43%), Peugeot (+20%), Nissan (+57%) and Citroen (+25,7%). Peugeot was the biggest advertiser with 31,4 million, followed by Renault, Opel and Ford. Online bannering is a popular medium amongst car advertisers. According to a new tool by Adfact the campaigns of VW, Skoda, Ford, Kia and BMW are the most visible.

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