The big Super Bowl’s ad spendings

super bowlDuring the Super Bowl game, there is on the side completely different competition going on: Which brand is producing the most valued TV commercial? Car brands are widely represented in filling up the breaks. But how well is their money spent?

Antony Young wrote on Ad Age digital about his surprise regarding the Maserati’s ad (check video below) during the Super Bowl game. Here is what he had to say:

“A 90-second ad in the Super Bowl went for probably around $11 million. Add to that the production of the spot, the Yahoo home-page takeover, the USA Today cover wrap, paid search and digital display advertising, and it feels like a cool $16 million to $17 million for the week’s media buy. I’ve always been a fan of Super Bowl advertising, but this buy didn’t make sense to me. It’s hard to see this as a wise use of money.”

Young made a calculation of what could have been done with this amount of money. He suggests a “52 full-page ads in The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times” among quite a few options. Or “every ad in the New York Times tablet app for six months” or “6,000+ spots on CNBC”.

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But here is one clever comment on his article. Indeed, because of Maserati’s on the first sight bold move, people are now talking about it. Otherwise it was 52 times “just another” ad  in the Wall Street Journal. What would you do if you had to spent that amount of money for a marketing campaign?

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