Snapchat: to use or not to use?

snapchatRecently we posted an article about the possibility of using Snapchat for promoting cars. Since this is a hot topic we want to continue on that topic. An article on MobileMarketer stated that more than Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat could be a great tool for marketers.

Brands such as Taco Bell, Acura and Karmaloop have all started building a presence on Snapchat. Acura is the first car brand that experiments with this new social media platform. According to the article, other brands should look to these examples for inspiration. Snapchat allows brands to create an intimate relationship with consumers, especially millenials, in a fun and fleeting way.

Although Snapchat is relatively new, it is pretty popular. Esha Shah, lead United States strategist for Fetch, San Francisco tell us: “They have about 400 million snaps shared every day, which is more than the number of photos uploaded on Facebook and Instagram, so the volume is definitely there in terms of users.” She continues: “Brands can leverage the one-to-one interaction. They have 10 seconds to compel them with a message; maybe it’s an offer or campaign. They really have the ability to create value in those ten seconds. It’s the purest because it is one-to-one and it is private.”

Within the app, users can take pictures and videos, add text and drawings on top and send it to their friends. Once their friends open these snaps, they have ten seconds before the snaps disappear. These users are mainely youngsters and people from Generation Y. Not especially the ‘focus group’ of car brands since this is in general not the group that buys new cars. Besides, how long will the hype of Snapchat last? Will it stay or just fade away? Should a car brand therefore ignore this tool or make use of it and take the advantage of an early mover?

These questions take us to the broader field of social media. If you use social media to promote your brand, you don’t exactly know if the ‘right’ people are liking or following you. What you do know is the fact that with your updates, pictures and messages these people see you in their timelines and become aware of your brand. What would you do, leave Snapchat aside or follow the examples of Taco Bell, Acura and Karmaloop and broaden your audience and try something new?

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