Smartphone will take over online advertising


In most of the Western countries, smartphone adoption among mobile users has passed the milestone of 50%. Other countries are really close to this percentage and will pass in this year or in 2014.  In Europe for example, this is the case for the southern countries like France, Spain and Italy while Nordic countries like Norway, Sweden and the UK already passed.
Worldwide, the penetration of the smartphone will remain under one-third and will probably approach the halfway point in 2017. However, marketers in the West could take their chance to develop smartphone advertisement instead of just online campaigns.

Last week, Luxury Daily noticed this kind of advertising from Mercedes in the CBS News application. Underneath the news articles in the application, the Mercedes logo suddenly appears. A click-through takes consumers to a new window where they can view details on the new E-Class vehicle. Short information about the car is presented and another click-through brings the consumer to the Mercedes mobile website where they can read more and take a look at the last prices of the E-Class sedans. So, is this kind of advertising working? Do consumers want to know just some details or are they looking for much more information concerning cars?

“Yes, showing details or explaining why their cars are different or better than the competition is perfectly fine for a mobile-based ad,” says Roger Marquis, expert on print-to-digital technologies. But he also emphasizes the early phase of this kind of ads: “Maybe consumers are less interested in knowing the details of the car and more interested in purchase offerings,” he said. “This is what testing can bring out.”

In addition, the Guardian posted a research article claiming that mobile advertising triples to record levels. “There is simply so much buzz around mobile,” says Tim Elkington, director of research and strategy at the Internet Advertising Bureau. “Marketers are becoming more attune to the ‘always on’ nature of consumers who expect to engage with content wherever they are.”
But that many mobile advertisement aren’t there yet. Maybe this new field for marketing still feels a little undiscovered, uncomfortable and totally new. However, the fact that consumers use their mobile devices more and more is one to anticipate on.

Mondelez International took their chances and started a whole campaign just for mobile. The company Mondelez sounds maybe not familiar, but it is the rebrand of Kraft Foods which is one of the biggest food producers in the world. If such a big player on the market starts with mobile-based advertising, maybe it’s time to make a shift in our focus, adapt to a new era of marketing and follow this example?

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