Marketing Strategy

Market_AnalysisMarket Analysis
Your gut feeling tells you there is an opportunity for a new product or service, but exactly how big is this opportunity? Your company’s product development or design team proposes a new concept and asks you to define the size of the market, but how interesting is it really? Which market trends will affect the potential growth?

We can supply you with the right data sources and we have a set of market research tools to identify the real potential. A market analysis which gives you a full overview before you start your new project.

Build_a_Business_CaseBuild a business case
New goals, new technology, more value, higher profits. A project usually starts with a clear cut document that captures the reasoning why your company’s leadership should decide to take action. Writing a business case to secure funding and commitment can be a time consuming experience. Due to the high stress and importance of your job, you may be so immersed in managing campaigns, that there is simply little opportunity to dedicate yourself to writing a business case. Do you want to speed-up?

We help companies to identify the potential value of their marketing projects and build a solid business case together.

Quick Scan
You think it is crucial to improve the lead generation performance of your brand’s website. But before you start an improvement project, you need to have a thorough understanding of the strong and weak points of your website. Before doing any website improvement project, we recommend doing our quick scan. The quick scan takes the touch points in digital customer journey and scores the performance of your site. It saves time and money and steers improvements in the right direction.

We have done quick scans for various major car brands and car related websites.

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