Self-driving cars in Milton Keynes

self-driving carsAfter the Dutch autonomous driving news, there is some British news regarding this topic as well. In two years, self-driving vehicles are planned to drive on the roads of the city of Milton Keynes. The automated cars should bring passengers from the station to shopping centres and offices. If everything is going according to plan, these cars will be on the road in 2015 and will be one of the first self-driving cars in public space. However, this will be under the condition that there will be separate roads for the automated vehicles, but at least this has the advantage of avoiding traffic jams occurred by ‘regular’ cars. In the further future, the automated vehicles will be equipped with GPS and sensors to be able to join the public roads and navigate their way through other traffic.

What will a ride with this automated cars cost? Two pounds. Passengers don’t have to buy a physical ticket but will be able to pay by smartphone.

At the airport Heathrow, automated vehicles are already being used. What will be new and an important development of the automated cars in Milton Keynes is the fact that, eventually, these cars will interact with regular cars and other traffic.

Would you like to use automated vehicles in the area where you live yourself? And will self-driving cars make ownership unnecessary in the future?

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