Renault announces its plans for autonomous driving

Renault autonomousLike all major car manufacturers Renault will be marketing autonomous features actively in the coming years. In this video, spotted by, Renault explains their timeline towards autonomous driving. The company foresees two major steps. 

Step 1 will be in 2018, when Renault will sell a first vehicle with autonomous features as they currently already can be found in the Tesla Model S and Mercedes E-class. If the car is driven on a motorway, the driver can activatie the assistance system, the vehicle then will maintain speed, distance to other cars and keeps the lane. The driver needs to leave his or her hands on the driving wheel and needs to stay alert in accordance with the law.

In 2020 Renault will take step two and takes it a little further by offering an “Eyes off, hands off” driving option. As its name suggests, the system will allow a driver to not drive at all. There is no need to keep your hands on the driving wheel and the driver can focus his or hers attention to other activities.

Watch the video for the full description of Renault’s time line.



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