Race with the new Lexus and Audi

digital mediaHow to respond to the media landscape that is becoming more and more digital? Audi and Lexus are both trying to embrace digital media and are promoting their cars in a ‘participating’ way. Fans can try the Lexus IS 350 F Sport model in the video game Real Racing 3 and Audi invites fans to race their A8 in a virtual video contest.

Lexus has secured a permanent spot for its Sport model in the popular mobile video game Real Racing 3 that will reach a dedicated gaming cohort of car enthusiasts. The Lexus model will be featured in two races within the game, giving fans time to observe the vehicle’s traits and develop an interest. “This opportunity with Real Racing 3 lets us entertain a young, connected, tech-savvy audience in a medium that appeals to them,” said Teri Hill, Lexus media manager

digital mediaIn the case of Audi, the contest #WantAnR8 takes place on a branded Tumblr page where fans sign up through WeVideo to begin composing their take on the lap. Audi teamed up with a series of recording artists from around the world for tracks that can gloss the final video. Once the video is complete, fans can post them to YouTube and Twitter with the #WantAnR8 hashtag for a chance to win either one day with the 2014 R8 in their hometown, or a weekend trip to the Audi sports car experience in Sonoma, CA

Of course we had to try out one of these new promotions ourselves. We tried the Real Racing 3 with the Lexus Sport model and… It’s true: “One of the coolest features of adding the 2014 Lexus IS F SPORT into Real Racing 3 is that the vehicle is free to play during the two sponsored Featured Events of the Week,” like Ms. Hill said in an article on Luxury Daily. The only downside of the game is that the features of driving the Lexus aren’t that extensive and representative. Therefore, driving the Lexus with this app doesn’t make you very enthusiastic about the vehicle.

What do you think of this kind of promotion? Curious how it works and what it looks like? You can download and try the Lexus IS 350 F or design your own lap for the Audi A8!

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