Rinspeed’s concept of a self-driving car

self-driving carAutonomous driving, for some people this subject still might be something very futuristic. Ok it might take a couple of years, it might take a couple of decades, but few people at the Geneva Motor Show 2014 would disagree that one day science fantasy will become fact.

However, while the likes of Google, BMW, Ford and IBM work on the technology, so far less attention has been given to what it means for passengers. The automotive think tank Rinspeed wanted to change that. Together with other brands, they developed a self-driving concept car. What could a self-driving car bring to passengers? What could they do while their car is bringing them from A to B?

Rinspeed’s founder and chief executive Frank Rinderknecht to the BBC about the Rinspeed XchangE concept car: “I wanted to put the passenger at the centre of what is possible, not the autonomous driving technology. Travelling in a driverless car will no longer require me to stare at the road, but will let me spend my time in a more meaningful way. The question then arises, would I like to work, to sleep, to read, to do whatever activities you might do on a train, a plane? I wanted to start thinking about how autonomous cars would ‘move’ people, and not just in the literal sense.”

Curious what this concept car looks like and what a possible outcome of a self-driving car could be? Check out the video made by Rinspeed below. What do you think and like the most about it? Or what would you like to see different?

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