Partnership of the day: Jaguar with Wallpaper* at Harrods

HarrodsJagTo reach a new audience, introduce a new car or just promote their brand, automakers are continuously busy with new ways of marketing. To show their new concept cars Jaguar is joining the Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition at Harrods in London.

The magazine Wallpaper* organized this event to show the “Best of” Handmade pieces. Jaguar shows three concept cars and five collaborated concept pieces that embody the British automaker’s design aesthetic and technological advances.
The event marks the Handmade exhibition’s first appearance in London, with brands such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Harry Winston accompanying Jaguar with handmade pieces. By joining up with brands from diverse backgrounds, Jaguar will be able to reach new audiences from a fresh angle.

The collaborate concept pieces are being showed in the storefront windows of Harrods. Together with Wallpaper* magazine they designed these window exhibitions. In addition to the window displays, Jaguar is also exhibiting the C-X17 concept vehicle, the C-X75 hybrid hypercar and the Project 7 sportscar.
Like most automakers, Jaguar unveils its concept vehicles at major automotive shows. In addition, they did this joint promotions with Wallpaper* to show their design skills and attract a new audience. We think that although the cars and collaborated pieces make good appearance at Harrods in London, it is very inside the “design scene”. What could innovative car brands do to be a little bit more “out of the box”?

Check out the video below from Luxury Daily to hear more about Jaguars exhibition!

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