Nissan IDx designed by millenials

At the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan presented two spectacular concept cars. Beautiful design that is accomplished by collaboration with young consumers. 

Nissan asked millenials to share their ideas about car design. The result? Two very different concept cars based on the same architecture. The first is a casual-focused vision, the IDx Freeflow. The second¬†is IDx NISMO, an ultra-sporty model of the future that looks as “if it came directly from a driving simulator.”

Nissan made this step to appeal to “digital natives,” the generation born after 1990, by integrating their feedback into the creation process. Nissan thinks this approach could have real applications in the near future. For Nissan, this co-creation defines a new relationship with its customers. The name Nissan gave to the two new concepts, reflects those ideals. “ID” is the acronym taken from “identification”, relating to the things all individuals relate to on a personal level in a car, and the “x,” which is the variable representing the new values and dreams born through communication.

Is this design really new for Nissan or are they reviving their old days of racing glory from 1963?

nissan idx
The GT3 Datsun 510 from 1963

nissan idx
Driver Bob Sharp

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