New mobility concept Nissan: Leaf EV for commuting and a SUV for vacation.

Nissan Leaf concept 2011With its limited range of 175 kilometers (108 miles) the full electric Nissan Leaf might not be the perfect car for a vacation road trip across Europe. However for daily commuting an electric car seems almost ideal with its low operation costs, zero emission, low noise, tax advantages and comfortable driving dynamics. To give you the best for all your driving, Nissan Netherlands now offers a new mobility concept. .With a stock Nissan Leaf you will receive a Mobility Card which grants you the right to use a roomy gasoline powered Nissan Qashqai SUV during three weeks in four years’ time.  The Qashqai can be used for vacation or other purposes, but the minimum period is one week.

Currently it is only offered on new Leaf cars in the dealer stock. It is a start, but if Nissan would extend the offer to all Leafs and with more alternatives in the Mobility Card package, they would have the ultimate offer in mobility. Think about it: add a 370Z convertible for the sunny days and a Van in case you need to move some larger items, how ideal would that be?

2 thoughts on “New mobility concept Nissan: Leaf EV for commuting and a SUV for vacation.

  1. Dit zijn inderdaad de concepten van de toekomst. Meer flexibiliteit in wat je wanneer rijdt. Als je in de spits ziet hoeveel auto’s maar 1 persoon vervoeren, dan zijn er volgens mij nog wel wat leuke combi’s te maken met kleinere electrische auto’s.

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