Must watch ad: Cadillac ELR for Hard Workers
This is definitely not the average car commercial. General Motors “left their comfort zone” and questions the hard working life. What?! Well, not really. As Inside EV’s states, this ad could almost be the anthem to the hard working American. The goal is clear: work hard and you can afford a Cadillac ELR. But the questions that arises as well are “Is it worth it?” and “Why do we work so hard?”

adThis remarkable ad,  good or bad or controversial, has definitely aroused a lot of discussion among readers of Inside EV’s. And maybe that’s the best part. It’s clear among readers that this car is not going to be sold in Europe. Some of them claim that you have to enjoy life and shouldn’t work too hard. Others claim that the American way will lead to more success. Or stuff. Or a Cadillac ELR.

What do you think of the GM Cadillac ELR commercial? Or of the hard working American life that will award you with having a lot of “stuff”?

2 thoughts on “Must watch ad: Cadillac ELR for Hard Workers

  1. I love it! Neal McDonough is great. A nice little, somewhat overdue, piece of American Bravado. Anyone who is getting their panties in a wad over some sort of mocking of Europeans or the French in particular needs to get over it & get a sense of humor. Go Big Daddy Caddy!

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