Mobile advertising not that effective?

Mobile advertising not that effective?

Our article “Smartphone will take over online advertising” shows that the Northern European countries have the highest smartphone penetration. Therefore, it is logical to state that reallocating some of your marketing budget to mobile advertising in these areas would not be such a bad idea. Because whatever statistic you consult, mobile is growing. However…..
Now, E-Marketer brings the news that both mobile and online advertising in Denmark have decreased during Q1 of 2013. Is it a sign that mobile advertising is not working for users of a smartphone?

The Foreningen for Dansk Internethandel (FDIH) reported a decline in the number of online buyers using mobile devices to complete a purchase in Q1 2013, compared with Q1 2012. In the beginning of 2012, 16% reported making a mobile purchase. By Q1 2013, that percentage had slipped to 13%.

This decline in the measures of online buying doesn’t mean that ecommerce sales are falling, but simply that some buyers made fewer purchases. After all, new consumers are joining the ranks of online buyers all the time, and the value of total purchases is rising. So, less buyers but higher turnover. Is that a sign of economic crisis in Denmark or are brick and mortar stores winning back their share? We’ll see what the rest of 2013 brings and what these numbers in other countries with a high smartphone penetration will look like.

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