MIE Event – The road to autonomous driving

Innovation and Disruption in Automotive – The road to autonomous driving

MIE Event

Photo courtesy of Rinspeed AG

Thanks to progressing technology and connectivity of cars, artificial intelligence and better sensors, cars are nowadays able to make self-driving manoeuvres. There are even successful testdrives with 100% self-driving cars. Within a few years, this technology will be available for everyday cars.

Acceptance of autonomous driving by consumers is an interesting marketing challenge, just like the acceptance of other similar technologies: electric vehicles, e-books and online shopping.

Who decides how we will drive our new cars: engineers, car designers, lawmakers ? Or is it ultimately the consumer who decides? Huib Stad and Remco Frerichs present new consumer insights from a large scale panel research amongst Dutch car owners. It all happens at the MIE Event on February 6th.

MIE Event

For our friends at Marketing in Automotive we will be giving away two all access passes to the MIE event. All you need to do is drop us a line at info@marketinginautomotive.com and give us your name, company, address and telephone number.


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