It’s all about… Marketing?

MarketingNissan executives CEO Carlos Ghosn and global sales and marketing boss Andy Palmer are a bit disappointed about the image that Nissan has in the world. The title of their interview with Autonews made that clear:

A disconnect: Tech, quality and a so-so image.
It just “doesn’t add up.”

The CEO: “We want Nissan to be recognized for what it is. It is a technological powerhouse. It is an innovator in terms of concepts and products. And that’s what we’re doing.” Ghosn continued: “From time to time, we have some surprises. We have cars that seem to us very good. It goes to the market, we don’t have a good rating. The question is then how come internally we considered it a good car, but when it goes to the market, Consumer Reports or somebody else is saying ‘No, no. This is not recommended.'”

The company has invested billions of dollars in advanced electric vehicles. It has trumpeted plans to develop an autonomous-driving car by 2020. Its Infiniti luxury brand has taken a lead in steer-by-wire technology. Quality scores have steadily improved. “Yet the public isn’t showing the love,” Ghosn complains. Palmer agrees: “It’s a fact that our products and our actions are better than our marketing. For example, the electric car isn’t fully recognized by everybody.”

marketingApparently, it’s not just about the looks or a nice and technically advanced product. It’s about engaging with your customers as well. If they’re involved with your product or service, they could feel like being a part of it and grant you the success.

But how do you engage with consumers? Well the ‘new’ social media offer a lot of possibilities. Take an experiment with Snapchat as Acura did; use Facebook or Twitter to get a customer to try a new product. The website ‘Engagement Marketing’ recommend these kind of actions to prove their statement: ‘How small business wins in a socially connected world.’ What other ideas do you have to really engage with your customers?

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