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My Point of ViewLearning from others is a way to improve your own business. Different points of view from different marketers can inspire you to become an even better marketer. Therefore, Marketing in Automotive brings you short interviews with marketers from varied branches. In what kind of business are they involved? What inspires them? And what kind of focus do they use in their marketing? Take a look, read and get inspired!

Mariska Hustings – Marketing Manager at AutoScout24

1. What did you do before?
Before AutoScout24, I was Manager Marketing & Communication at A.R.M. Autoleasing at that time part of Kroymans Corporation.

2. What is the focus of marketing at your work? What can other marketers learn from that?
The focus of Marketing at AutoScout24 is to help consumers to find and sell cars as easy and best as possible. We’re therefore working both on consumer side and customer side. It’s good to see where these two worlds come together and see if there is a gap that has to be covered.

3. How do you see the future of mobility?
Mobility will keep on changing as always, more important is what does the consumer do with the changes. Connected Mobility is great if we can e.g. decrease traffic jam. But what percentage needs to have these connections before we can reduce traffic jams?

4. What can AutoScout24 contribute to the future of mobility?
AutoScout24 is a perfect measurement of the market three years after introductions. We have 244.000 cars online; which represents the Dutch car market. We can see trends and changes approximately three years after new introductions. But these trends move very slowly. For five years in a row the VW Golf is the most searched car, there’s not much change in that area.
For two years we’re running an European survey on “The Car we want tomorrow”. It appears that the majority of the respondents are not aware of all details and usage of new features in cars and therefore are not yet interested. AutoScout24 will off course be the platform to inform consumers on these new features like auto pilot and connected mobility.

5. If your marketing budget was unlimited (time and money), what kind of marketing activity would you like to do?
Nice question! I love pioneering and get new innovations onto our platform. I would like to be on top of every new online & offline innovation; test it and integrated it if it will help our consumers and customers.

6. Next to whom would you like to be seated in an airplane?
John de Mol (red: founder of productioncompany Endemol), great business man!

7. What is your motto or favourite quote ?
“Work hard, laugh hard” is one of my many favorites…

Mariska Hustings

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