What kind of car do millenials want ?

Popular Science projects editor Dave Mosher offers some consumer insights into what his generation wants from a car….

The video seems a pretty clear statement to car manufacturers. Don’t forget to check out the comment section. That is the part were it gets really interesting with comments of millenials that disagree with Dave. Including some strong language, such as :
EnigmaNSX says: “Yeah… We are from the same generation and you’re just…. Wrong. Flat wrong. 100% wrong. So wrong that I actually dislike you solely based on this video.”

Adam Fay says: “If Mr Mosher actually spent 5 minutes looking up statistics on why people in his age group don’t drive or own cars rather than pontificating from where the sun don’t shine he would quickly know that the reason is they simply can’t afford to own a car.”

Or for instance Dirtyspitshine says: “I’m a member of your generation and you’re basing your argument on lot of generalizations and stereotypes. If you can’t afford a new one, go buy a used one. There are thousands of high-quality, economical, cheap-to-insure cars for young people. Even if your electric, autonomous dream car were real, certainly it wouldn’t be affordable for at least a decade. There are also millions of our generation who do not and cannot live/work in walkable communities (Census). Where did you get your stats?”
Car manufacturers are not blind to trends in society and are trying to get a lot of items into new cars that the editor of Popular Science is suggesting. Finding the balance between offering the most innovative technology vs making a very affordable car (read: a car with existing tech) is a science in itself.
What do you think is the best solution for making an inexpensive, self driving, non-polluting car and infrastructure available for the masses?


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