Joint promotions, a powerful marketing tool

Mercedes Zalando Joint PromotionFrom the early days on car marketers use joint activities with other brands. Joint marketing activities or better joint promotions are a powerful marketing tool. The type and content of the joint activity can vary, but all have common traits. One of the elements that applies to all joint promotions, is that the parties collaborating have their own unique role. One party is supplying the audience or the media exposure. This one is often referred to as the bearer. The other party is supplying the content and brings the value to the collaboration.
The objective of the collaboration can vary. Examples are increase brand awareness or image transfer. A common form of joint promotion in the automotive industry is the special edition of a particular model. In such a case the car brand often adds some extra features to an existing model. The other promotion partner for instance a brand from a total different industry offers the use of its name to enhance the image or offers exposure to an audience that might be hard to reach for the car brand under normal circumstances. The examples seems endless: Nissan and the PlayStation game Gran Turismo, Peugeot and Roland Garros, Renault Clio and Red Bull. In the picture above is an example of a collaboration between the online fashion store Zalando and Mercedes-Benz as presented at the Geneva Motor show this spring. In the coming weeks marketing_in_automotive will gather the newest examples of upcoming joint promotions between car brands and names from other industries and publish them on the blog.
What are your favorite joint promotion examples ?

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  2. Dear,
    I’m currently work as branding marketing officer but I’m not so familiar with sales. Please let me know the update joint promotion events and how to calculate the profit.
    For example- brand visibility, awareness, sales gain. Hope to get your reply.

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