Hyundai goes Google Glass

Google GlassThe way people interact with their cars is about to change. We already see this change in the (possible) interaction with electric vehicles and the development towards self-driving cars.

Therefore, and to take these developments a step further, Hyundai’s next generation of products will allow owners to connect with their vehicle using wearable devices. Hyundai’s cloud-based Blue Link platform makes features like remote start and service information quickly accessible through new devices like Google Glass. The car brand will launch these possibilities for wearable devices with their all-new 2015 Genesis.

Hyundai states that these wearable devices will help owners save time and add a new level of convenience by allowing remote interaction with the vehicle without the need to pull out their smartphone. Small screens of wearable devices only allow a limited amount of information to be shown. Therefore, according to the car manufacturer, it is “important to present useful and relevant information.”

Google GlassBut what do you think of this example of “remote door lock”? Isn’t that something we already do in one click? What is the advantage of putting this kind of feature in Google Glass?

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