How to target affluent fans

target affluent fans

There is one thing all luxury brands have in common: When they communicate in traditional mass media to interest new prospects for their products, the message is also received by a lot of consumers who will never be in the position to buy that product. Mass media, such as TV, offer by nature limited possibilities for very specific audience selection. The variables for selection are limited to for instance age group, sex or time slot.

That is why a luxury brand needs a different marketing communication strategy to bring in new affluent customers? Jaguar now tries a mobile one to target affluent fans.

Jaguar banner ad

Since the legendary and acclaimed E-Type of the sixties, Jaguar didn’t ever had a car that revolutionary and beloved anymore in its lineup. That was until the September 2012 Motor Show in Paris. The new Jaguar F-Type was a revelation with favorable reviews from the press and the car instantly obtained its own fan base.

The E-Types are at least from 40 years ago, which means that Jaguar needs to fetch in new customers. Therefore, Jaguar Land Rover is calling  affluent consumers to schedule a test-drive in the 2014 F-type model with a banner advertisement on the CBS News mobile application, Luxury Daily says. The landing page provides users with important specifics about the car, proposes a future test drive and goads interested fans to download the F-type tablet app for a more in-depth experience. Offering multiple options on the landing page may increase the percentage of users who actually pursue information or brand-related experiences beyond the banner, but it may also strike users as too much in too little space.

Jaguar’s eight-word banner is punctuated with the call to action, ‘Tap for Your Turn.’ An image of the F-type is poised next to the text and seems to signal to users that it is ready to drive away. A click through on the ad leads consumers to a landing page that gives them a chance to explore what the car can offer. At the top of the page, users are encouraged to download the F-type tablet app. Although enthusiastic fans may accept the invitation, filling the top of the screen with additional steps might frustrate ordinary users.

The next section of the screen asks users to schedule a test-drive and the third section of the screen provides external and internal specifications. Through this tiered arrangement, one can see that the landing page’s primary function is to engage fans in more dynamic options. Directly presenting these options to the user may off-set the drudgery some users may feel when asked to pursue more tasks.

It makes us wonder if this kind of digital advertising is really targeting on the right customers. This mobile ad seems to call for random people to arrange a test drive? If this is the case, dealers have a hard time to select real customers from non-affluent Jaguar enthusiasts. All kinds of people who want to experience a Jaguar drive, without even considering of buying one, are able to go towards it. Although Jaguar is presenting their ad as an obstacle to ordinary fans, the effort of filling in a form to drive in a Jaguar isn’t that hard. Lead selection then comes down to the sales men at the dealership.

Jaguar E-type

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