How to rank: Best EV cities

EV citiesRankings are always good. It gives you a great, short and clear overview of the best of anything you’re interested in. But the usability and reliability of a ranking depends on the facts that it’s based on. In our case: how do you rank the best cities for electric vehicles (EVs)?

An article of EV obsession in which the best EV cities of the US were presented, stated it this way: “I generally hate that most rankings are presented in absolute terms rather than relative terms. For example, there are many rankings of the “best electric car cities” based on the total number of electric cars, total number of public electric car charging stations, etc. Much better would be if these cities we ranked based on electric cars per capita or electric car charging stations per capita.

Luckily for their article, ChargePoint gets that. ChargePoint is the company with the nation’s largest electric vehicle charging station network. It released a ranking of the best electric vehicle cities “based on the number of EVs owned as well as the number of public charging stations available on the ChargePoint network,” and it made sure to calibrate those with population. For EV obsession something to like.

If we take a look closer to home, there are some rankings for Europe as well. From World EV Cities & Ecosystems (WECE) is showing a ranking just based on the number of EVs in a city. And the list from Clean Technica is showing the number of electric cars per 100,000 registered cars.

In both rankings, Amsterdam is doing great and BMW got that. They launched their new i3 electric car in Amsterdam and all their press pictures have this beautiful city as background.

EV cities

We think that’s more than justified, but maybe we’re a little bit prejudiced because we live here. We love Amsterdam as EV city with its possibilities to charge beside the beautiful canals. But what do you think is a fair and reliable ranking in case of the ‘best EV cities’?

BMW i3 IJburg Amsterdam

BMW i3 electric vehicle on the docks of Steigereiland near our offices at Amsterdam IJburg



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