Honda does a viral

In the USA Honda is losing ground to its American and European competitors according to Ad Age Daily. Honda sales are up 7% for the first six months of 2013 compared to the same period in 2012, but Cadillac was up 33% in the same time period, followed by Dodge (up 22%) and Ford (up 14%).
So, Wieden + Kennedy London was called in to create a two-minute YouTube video called “Hands”.  And it did go viral… … with 2.5 million views last week, according to Visible Measures and almost 3.5 million YouTube views until today. The video highlights the automaker’s history in segments from motorcycles and cars to planes and boats, and is an attempt to refresh a brand that’s become boring in both advertising and design.
The video definitely keeps you tied to the screen, but does it make you think differently about Honda? Let us know your thoughts.

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