France embraces Renault Zoe


Not every car brand reports their monthly sales for individual models, but Renault did it in March and April for the new all electric Zoe. In March 1.089 new Zoes were sold in France en April adds another 748 units of this electric car. Maybe this number sounds not really impressive, but as InsideEVs states: it might not sound too impressive until you consider that Zoe captured a remarkable 80 percent of the electric passenger vehicle market in France last month.

Thereby, 5.663 new electric vehicles were cruising the French roads in 2012. The new registered Zoes of last months are, as you can imagine, a huge addition to these already driving EVs. Again: this number of 2012 doesn’t sound that much, but France still covers one third of the European EV market and has three time as many new EVs registered as the U.S.

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