Fiat calls for your ideas

OFMN-Fiat-design-competition-headerWhat kind of transport will we use in the coming years? What are the opportunities and challenges for sustainable mobility in the future? These are questions that ask for a lot of brainstorming sessions and innovative ideas.

So Fiat decided not to answer these on their own. They’re calling on motoring enthusiasts to share their ideas for the future of sustainable transport. Everyone interested in the future of sustainability mobility is invited to attend. Throughout the coming month, Fiat will be exploring future design, sustainability and accessibility of transport and is encouraging everyone to share their ideas.

Until November 23, anyone who wishes to share their vision of the future for the automotive industry can go to the ‘Our Future Mobility Now’ Facebook page and click on the ‘Design Future Accessibility’ tab and follow the instructions provided in the video tutorial.

Kicking it all of will be Fiat Chrysler Design Vice-President Roberto Giolito with a special online seminar on ‘Design, Future and Accessibility’ on November 4 at 3pm which can be followed live via the Google+ and YouTube channel. At the end of the ‘lecture’, Giolito and his team will be online on the Fiat Google+ page to answer the questions posted by the community using the #DFA hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ live.

What do you think would be great solutions and oppertunities for the future of mobility? Don’t hestitate to participate! We think Fiat did an inspiring job and interesting marketing activity by inviting everyone to share their ideas about future mobility. In this way, they can benefit from innovative collective intelligence. We’re very curious what the outcome will be and how Fiat will use all these inspiring ideas.

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