Facebook Engagement Top 100: Which car brands are leading?

Volkswagen Facebook promotion

Car brands spend significant resources in money, people and time on their Facebook pages. Some brands strive for the biggest number in likes. That is just one thing, because what really matters if a brand is a able to engage or even better enchant its readers. Creating a true dialogue with its fans.

Marketingfacts.nl started the Dutch Facebook Engagement Index. This is a top 100 list of brands with at least 10.000 fans and their score in engagement. A full overview of the top 100 can be found on the Marketingfacts Facebook page.

How are car brands doing in this top 100?

Here is the top 5 list with in brackets the number of fans as they had on January 20th 2012:

  1. BMW  (14698)
  2. Volkswagen  (70330)
  3. Audi  (16482)
  4. Renault  (25861)
  5. Peugeot (14619)

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