Facebook Behaviour Offline

facebook behaviourUpdating, going into relationships, tagging, sharing, liking, chatting: All kinds of behaviour that are pretty normal at the online social media platform Facebook. But if we would transfer this behaviour to the offline world, wouldn’t that be creepy?

What if you randomly give your opinion to a conversation? Or saying out loud to everyone who can hear you that you’re single again? And what about showing a picture of your breakfast, lunch or dinner to everybody?
Although these ways of communication are perhaps a bit weird in the physic world, a lot of them are happening online. We all know some people who almost share everything on Facebook. This can be with ‘way to much information’ about an intimate subject or with tons of pictures of someone’s new dog.

facebook behaviourBut why? What compels us to tell the world with our fingers what we’d hesitate to utter in a room full of loved ones? An article of the Pacific Standard refers to a paper by Russell W. Belk, chair in marketing at York University in Toronto. Belk argues that our relationship with social media is gradually creating a more complex idea of who we think we are as individuals. He tells us: “When we’re looking at the screen we’re not face-to-face with someone who can immediately respond to us, so it’s easier to let it all out, it’s almost like we’re invisible.” He continues: “The irony is that rather than just one person, there’s potentially thousands or hundreds of thousands of people receiving what we put out there.”

To make people realize what kind of behaviour they’re showing online, the video below has been made. Check it out to see what Facebook behaviour looks like without the intervention of the platform Facebook itself……

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