Madrid bids with electric vehicles for Olympic Games

Madrid bids with electric vehicles for Olympic Games

In its push to host the 2020 Summer Olympic Games, Madrid says that its Olympic Village would only use electric vehicles for transportation services. Madrid’s push to host the Games focuses on what’s called an ultra-modern smart metropolis scheme.

No gas or diesel vehicles will be allowed here during the Olympic Games says Madrid’s Olympic bid committee. A nice statement for EV’s and maybe an inspiration for other countries that are bidding for the Games in 2020. New concepts, including this idea for urban transport, will play center stage in Madrid if the Spanish city manages to secure the 2020 Olympics.

Most importantly is that Madrid will use nothing but electric cars in the Olympic Village. The vehicles will be charged only by sunshine, as solar charging stations will be installed around the Olympic Village. The Renault Twizy will be the leading vehicle in the mobility plan. The Renault Zoe will be on hand too, as four have already been donated to Madrid in preparation for the Games.

Madrid’s main goal is what the bidding committee refers to as a “commitment to zero carbon emissions.”

We’re curious if Madrid manage to become host of the Olympic Games in 2020 and be an impressive example for EV’s in the urban area!