Digital Tools and social media

Digital Tools and social media

Sharing articles, pictures or quotes on social media is a common way of keeping your likers and followers informed about your company. However, with an enormous variety of social media platforms, this is a hard to manage job if you want to post content on every platform on the right day and the right time. Furthermore, you don’t want your followers to get annoyed by too much content in a short amount of time. 

Leonhard Widrich and Joel Gascoigne must have thought the same. They were classmates at England’s University of Warwick and developed an app where posts for your different social media accounts can be scheduled. They named it Buffer. It works quite simple: the message you want to share must be filled in on the Buffer app, you choose the platforms you want it to be shared on and the time you want them to be shared.

The founders just got a $500,000 investment by pitching their business in a 13-slides presentation in San Fransisco. In this presentation they describe a future were social media will surpass and will become the main tool for online marketing. This is an interesting thought because it would mean that people will use their social media platforms as departure for their online searching and surfing.
Well, maybe that’s were we going to. We’re curious!


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