Digital tools and crowdsourcing


With new kinds of platforms and tools in the digital world, we are able to do and create things in a way we couldn’t in the past. Crowdsourcing, for example, is a method to make use of all the creativity that is out there. Maybe we’re used to a way of working where only one agency works together with a client, but the digital world enable us to invent new ways of working together.

A nice example of a digital tool for crowdsourcing is a platform called 99designs. is a platform for designers to show their creativity and help clients to find the design they’re looking for. We used the website for a new banner for the website.
Actually, it works quite simple. You start your own design competition and describes your demand as clear and complete as possible. The designers of 99designs are able to see the different competitions and select the ones they like or the ones they have experience with.
Because of the competition and the possibility for the designers to select a project they think they can handle well, quality of the final design is almost a fact. If you describe your request clear and give the designers your feedback, the possibility of getting a design you will be happy with increases a lot.

This platform shows us in a simple way how crowdsourcing works and how it can deliver a product that is maybe even better than the delivering of one agency. Do you have any experiences with crowdsourcing or other digital tools that shows a new way of working together?

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