Digital key opens car for online ordered goods

digital keyVolvo Cars demonstrates the world’s first delivery of food to the car. The service allows consumers to have their shopping delivered straight to their car, no matter where they are. With a ‘digital key’ they are able to open their car from any distance. However, is this a reliable technology in a big city where car burglary isn’t an exception?

The new digital keys technology means that car owners will be able to choose their car as a delivery option when ordering goods online. Via a smartphone or a tablet, the owner will be informed when a delivery company wants to drop something off in the car. Having accepted the delivery, he or she then hands out a digital key and can track when the car is opened and then locked again. Once the pick-up or drop-off is completed, the digital key will be inactivated.

digital key

Dutch sign to advice people to always lock their car and take their stuff with them

Sounds attractive and efficient. But for a city like Amsterdam, where car burglary increased last year, how safe is it to have valuable goods in your car?

The technology was trialled during a pilot programme with 100 people, of whom 86%  agreed that ‘roam delivery’ saved them time. The innovative use of ‘digital keys’ will now make it possible to save time, money and reduce environmental impact, following completion of the first tests of the concept. This because over half of the pilot group (60%) experienced delivery problems through online shopping last year and fail first-time deliveries cost the online business a lot of money (and unnecessary transportation.)

Would you use this digital key technology for your online ordered goods? And if so, do you live in a small village or in a big and busy city?