Consumers love self-driving cars

Nissan Patrol 2008 no steering wheel“Consumers love the idea of self-driving cars for one reason” is the headline of this article on Car organized a poll and also found that roughly 1 in 5 drivers are fully ready for self-driving technology. “About 20 percent of drivers said they would buy a fully autonomous car if one were available” the report stated. Two-thirds admitted they wouldn’t feel safe being a driver in name only.

In marketing history there are numerous cases in which there was a huge gap between what people say they were going to buy and what they actually bought.

What do you, as a marketer, think? Are consumers ready to adopt self-driving cars? Are there really no objections to this new technology? Or is the openness to autonomous driving a result of socially desirable answers in the questionnaire? Do people just love the general concept, but if it would come available today, what percentage of consumers would really buy it today. Wouldn’t anyone have a doubt about what the implications in case of an accident can be? Would consumers be just as enthusiastic if there was no steering wheel at all in their new car, because it is 100% autonomous. Would they buy a car with a dash, just like in the Nissan Patrol in the picture above?

If you want find out how autonomous this Nissan is, click here for the video. You will be surprised.

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