Consumer not ready for self-driving car

self-driving carAs we wrote earlier, within a few years advanced technology for autonomous driving will be available for everyday cars. However, the first Dutch research about the self-driving car shows some interesting consumer insights. What will determine the adaptation of autonomous driving: technology or consumers?

Curious about this question and whether or not the self-driving car will have a huge impact on the future of mobility, Huib Stad and Team Vier decided to do research amongst a large group of car owners. The majority of the 518 respondents is generally positive about the self-driving car and thinks this car will be part of the traffic in the future. However, 70% of the respondents prefers to be in control of a vehicle. They think it’s not very likely that they’ll use a self-driving car for their own. In addition, only 4% of the respondents would choose an autonomous vehicle over a regular car if all the conditions and prices were the same and they had to choose a new car next year.

self-driving carSo, will the forecast, by IHS research, for 11,8 million self-driving cars in 2035 become reality? Besides the advanced technology and the car brands that are bidding to deliver the first 100% self-driving car, the future depends even more on the consumer. The results from the research by STAD and Team Vier tells us that the consumer prefers to be in control and wouldn’t choose for a self-driving car right now. We have to see if they stick to their guns or change their minds in the coming years. Will autonomous driving become part of our daily life in the nearby future?

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1 thought on “Consumer not ready for self-driving car

  1. These guys are dreaming if they think most drivers are willling to give up control of their cars. I like to drive. Meaning I like to decide where I’m going, how fast, what route to take, when to speed up or slow down, detour, what have you. I have no interest in ceding those decisions to a machine, and I think most drivers feel the same way.

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